With a fully-equipped gym featuring the latest cardiovascular equipment, resistance and free weights and a functional training area, we’ve got everything you need for a focused workout, at a great low-cost price.

Cardiovascular Equipment

Our range of brand new Precor cardiovascular equipment includes cross-trainers, treadmills and two state-of-the-art Wattbikes; the revolutionary indoor bike developed in association with British Cycling and used by World and Olympic champions.

Resistance Equipment and Free Weights

Work on all your major muscle groups with our range of resistance weights, including a multi press and upper body ergometer. We also have dumbells ranging from 1kg to 20kg in weight.

Functional Training Area

Functional training is used to help strengthen the core, whilst working different muscle groups to improve strength and mobility for every day living.

Our functional training area contains a Queenax system, perfect for group training, full-body and HIIT workouts; a TRX, used for bodyweight exercises to help you burn fat, lose weight or build muscle depending on your personal goal; a ViPR, used for loaded movement training, plus Kettlebells to help strengthen and tone, burn calories and trim and tighten the entire body.